How does it work?

Any UK registered charity and any UK corporate business/organisation can apply to have a Charity Fuel Card. Drivers use the card as a company charge card, filling up with fuel at either a Shell service station or one of their partners (Esso, Texaco, Total, Gulf or Gleaner). A monthly statement is issued and the fuel is paid for by direct debit. Based on the fuel usage. Shell pay a quarterly rebate (donation) to PCS which in turn redistributes this to the charities on a 90/10 split (90% to charity , 10% to PCS)

Apply as a Charity

By adopting the Charity Fuel Card, a charity can benefit in two ways.
For their own use, it guarantees fixed price fuel costs on a weekly basis and regular donations back to themselves, regardless of the size of the fleet or where they fill up. By also introducing their corporate supporters on board, they guarantee regular donations also based on the corporates fuel usage. With our help and guidance, we will work with charities to secure the engagement of their corporate partners on to this unique scheme. A charity must first Apply with PCS to become a member of the scheme.

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Apply as a Corporate/Business

By applying, the corporate becomes a member of the PCS charity fuel card scheme choosing the charity they wish to support (to receive the donations). Once the account has been set up, the fuel cards are then ordered and issued directly via Shell.

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Where can we buy fuel?

Fuel can be purchased from any Shell or Shell partner service station, across the whole of the UK. There are currently over 4000 service stations in the Shell and Shell partner network available through the Charity Fuel Card, and these include the motorway network. Shell partners being Esso, Texaco, Total, Gulf, Gleaner, Manx and Topaz.

What does it cost you?

There is an annual 5 fee for each card, this gives you Shells competitive weekly pricing matrix for all your fuel purchases. This guarantees one simple competitive price anywhere local, out of town and motorways. There is a one-off account set up fee of 15 for any charity or corporate applying for fuel cards. There are no other hidden costs of transaction fees.

There are no fees to pay if a charity just wishes to apply to receive donations and not take fuel cards for their own use.

To find your nearest shell or partner station, follow the link below.

Click on Network and select Partner Network. This will show all sites accessible using a multi network card.